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​​Example Newsletter Contents

Newsletter - Issue 27 Beltane 2018


Come to the Clitheroe Moot
Pendle Hill, Whalley and the Lion at the Centre of Britain - Gary Biltcliffe
That Obscure Object of Desire - John Billingsley
Book Review: The Avalonians - Patrick Benham (Norman Darwen)
Dreaming of the Elusive Fae - Harry Wendrich
Islay and the Paps of Jura - Part 3 - Cheryl Straffon
Greenwich Meridian Pilgrimage news
Starting to Dowse for Leys (8)
Chartres - The Throne of Europe Part 1 - Roy Snelling
Templars and Lunation Triangles - Jimmy Goddard
The Callarde Experience - Part 5 - The Long Road to Re-Birthing Kaldrade - Mark Herbert
Book Review: Pagans Progress - Michael Dames (Liza Llewellyn)
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In Memoriam - Bart O'Farrell

Newsletter - Issue 26 Imbolc 2018


Pagan's Progress - Michael Dames

Voices from the Great Book of Nature - Susan Raven
The Alderley Edge Mystery and the Spine of Albion - Gary Biltcliffe
NOL Moot, Staffordshire September 2017 - Jimmy Goddard
The Callarde Experience - Part 4 - Of All the Land in Kaldrade - Mark Herbert
Nanteos Cup - Where Are We Now? - Ian Pegler
​From America - Paul Burley
Islay and the Paps of Jura - Part 2 - Cheryl Straffon
Starting to Dowse for Leys (7) - Nigel Twinn
Come to Our Clitheroe Moot
The Stable End (Banbury Obelisks) - Richard Knight
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Newsletter - Issue 25 Samhain 2017


Isle of Lewis Moot info

Sacred Sites in the Hebrides - Jill Smith
Arthur Geddes' Map of the 'Outer' Hebrides - Colin Geddes
The Callarde Experience - Part 3 - Mark Herbert
Pembrokeshire Moot - June 2017 Report - Jimmy Goddard
Starting to Dowse for Leys (6) - Nigel Twinn
The Literature of Terrestrial Zodiacs in Britain - Part 3 - Mark Valentine
Pilgrimages - Laurence Main
Book Review - (Stonehenge - Paul Burley) - Liza Llewellyn
The Stable End (Banbury Cross, Isis and the Red Horse) - Richard Knight

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Newsletter - Issue 24 Lughnasadh 2017


The Spine of Albion & Sacred Staffordshire - Gary Biltcliffe

Obituary - Steve Ludford 1956 - 2016
The Gypsy Switch - Jill Smith
Starting to Dowse for Leys (5) - Nigel Twinn
The Sacred Hoop - Paul Burley
Evocative Sacred Sites 5: Iceland - Eileen Roche
Callanish Moot 2018 news
Islay and the Paps of Jura - Part 1 - Cheryl Straffon
Book Review
Book Review
The Stable End - Richard Knight

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Newsletter - Issue 12 Lughnasadh 2014


Book now for our moot in September 2014
The St. Michael Line and Archaic Egypt: Alan J Watts
Introduction to the Abraham Triangle: Johanna van Fessem
Book Review
Book Review
Sacred Places and Alignments in the northwest New Mexico USA; Eileen Roche
Patterns in the Landscap; G StM Nottingham
Cover Story; Sarah Vivian
Landscape Cygnus: Merlina Rose
What's in the Pi E. Mathematical constants pi and e; Michael Joyce
Press Cuttings
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